I hate so much that my brother can get whatever he wants. He is the most popular guy in school and I’m just over here with not a lot of friends and no life. The friends I do have barely talk to me has it is, they never text me after school, never wanting to hangout. We are both in band and even my brother’s band friends hate me. It also doesn’t help that my freshmen friends are all fake to me. I just wish that I could be popular at my school. Even when my brother was a freshmen, everyone knew him, and so now I’m a freshmen and he’s a sophomore everyone that knows my last name is like, “Oh my gosh you’re related to Charlie!!!!!” and I’m like yeah he’s my brother it’s not that big of a deal. Then they say, yes it is he’s so amazing at everything. I’m like why can’t this happen to me, why do I have to live in my brothers shadow.