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I hate my parents

Ok so I literally hate my parents so much and I say this so often. They are the most strict parents who control everything from what I wear, to what I say, to what I do. If they don’t like something I wear, they will take it from me and throw it in the bin. Mind you, I buy all of my clothes at age 14. If I say something they don’t like, they will block my phone from all apps even though I pay for my phone bill (over $50 each month). I work for my own money, go to school and receive the best grades out of anyone in my year level. They can never be happy with me, especially my dad who tries to be involved but is just a workaholic who needs to stop being such a try hard suck up. They need to learn you don’t always have to be perfect. They have no consideration for how I feel. My mum will say one thing to me on my own, but completely go on my dads side when in a conversation with all three of us. It is always them and me, never us. I hate the way they make me feel like I am no one, and that they are so superior; they are parents but they are no more of a human than me and we both deserve the same level of respect. They laugh when I tell them how I feel and get mad at me when I do the same. I try my hardest to look at my friends parents as examples as my parents are people I never, ever want to be. I tel my friends parents more than I tell my parents. My parents force me every Sunday To go to A church I don’t believe or fee ocmfortable in going to, they make me pay money to the church, they make me wake every morning at 6 to go to a church class, every Monday and Tuesday night a church class too. Not to mention every single night reading the bible. It is not who I am, but they cannot accept that and force it on me. I feel bad ranting to my friends about them so I guess this is better. My parents drive me insane with their rudeness and their high expectations for me to perfect in their opinion. This drove me to have an eating disorder last year which I am still struggling with; not that they would notice. I can’t stand them and I’m trying to be the best person I can. I work so hard at school, have my own job and even my own small business at 14. All I need is my parents go act like they care and love me, even if they don’t.


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  1. Anonymous

    I hear you, this is sad to see such controlling parents. I would suggest maybe try to be in their shoes a bit. I am not saying they are right and you are wrong but just try to understand their point of view. Maybe even have a chat with your dad about that. Just try to have a different perspective, be calm, be more aware of yurself and reaction.
    If you always do the same thing you will always get the same thing.

    Try variation on the theme, By YOU being the more mature in the situation, and listening you are developing some very good human skills. Maybe this change in attitude on your side is enough when the next time you bring the subject to your parent about how you feel, they could be more respectful toward you. Maybe….
    Here also it is easier to change yourself than change anybody else.

    Well I had a similar moment with my daughter. She is entering adolescence now, and I have lots of tension with her, we argue a lots. At one point, while I walked to school with her, I decide something different: I decide to listen more. I understood that some of my behavior with her which was fine while she was a kid is not fine anymore, I have to be a bit more on my guard and I have to stop making fun of certain situation about her. Well it helps a bit and she told me as well about stuff she is doing and feel is not right. Although not a perfect situation I learn and she also learn.

  2. Anonymous

    I am sorry to hear it. Some parents just want to control every aspects of their children’s lives and it can be miserable for the children. If there is a way to apply and get into a boarding school I would. It will help to keep a healthy distance.

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