I hate my parents to the core. both of them lie a lot and it makes me feel like I’m not worthy of hearing the truth. since I have no siblings, it means I have nobody to share the abuse with. when I need personal space, my mother won’t give it to me. she’s very rude to me because she threatens me, lies to me, and beats me up. she also says rude things to me on a daily basis. my father beats me up and calls me a bunch of swear words when I have panic attacks. he thinks that he has an excuse to act sad and depressed always just because his brother died recently, but he needs to let it go. my mother and father support each other in the claim that I am a horrible child and today, they both told me at the same time that “I make parenting unenjoyable.” and living in my house makes me feel suicidal. if I try self harming my mother will stop me. but if she’s making me feel suicidal, then why does she try to stop me from self harming at the same time? there’s no inbetween. I hate my life.