Why do you have to make people miserable!!! So what if you blow your ass off to get where u are? I dont freaking care!! If students are so goddamn perfect, we wouldnt be a student and find you in the first place. Hell, i could have taken medicine when i was born. Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh. Why do you have to freaking yell and swear all the time. Do you enjoy seeing us being laughed at? I BET IT WOULDNT SO FUNNY IF IT IS THE OTHER WAY ROUND. AND FREAKIN WAIT FOR PEOPLE TO FINISH TALKING!!!!!!!! AND THE HELL DID YOU GET MAD WHEN YOU ARE WRONG?! What are you? A 13 years old who just learnt the word fuck? And those patients. I dont freakin care if your uncle is the director. YOU ARE A MOTHERFUCKING HUMAN. so what if I treat you like OTHER HOOMAN. Damn it hooman. Imma gonna be a cat