I work hard, treat people with kindness, go out of my way to NEVER hurt another human beings feelings. I believe we are put here on earth to love each other HOWEVER, I feel at this moment the closest to hate for a person that I ever have. I have been dealing with a person who is responsible for a huge group of professionals including myself , she’s the president. She’s been the president of this group for ages. She loves the power. She claims to have taken over this group to end the corrupted leadership that was there before. Let me just say that I am in a highly competitive creative field. That one must try out to be part of this group. Supposedly there are all these group bylaws that keep powerful members in check. Ha. I was successful, I am successful. More successful then you can ever imagine for yourself CUNT. You are old, you are uneducated, you’re an amateur. You are a CUNT and I hate the word CUNT. You are a cunty classless cunt. You just couldn’t stand seeing me succeed. See me getting press, getting awards, getting accolades. It killed you, reminded you of your own pathetic inaduquacies. You found a way to get me out of your little club. You bullied me, condescended to me, shamed me, tore at me and I rolled over like a dog belly up afraid that you would take away my affiliation with your pathetic little group. Now you’ve taken it away and I’m am grateful to you, want to thank you, want to say you have freed me and given me the motivation to fly as high as god and hard work will get me. Enjoy your power, your corruption, your hate. You will pay for it to God and receive back your just desserts in bad Karma.