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I have no clue what I want

I don’t know why but I have this rage inside me i feel like just shouting at the top of my voice snapping at everyone throw things break things and sometimes sadly to hurt myself too. There are shortcomings in all people, I understand this philosophically but not practically I hate this about me i hate that I’m so angry i used to be a happy person an year ago but ever since I’m in this relationship I’m no longer happy it’s not that my boyfriend is not nice he is nice sweet and caring he is gentle but things in my personal life seem to be unhappy and I have no idea why i just feel so angry and as a result i take it out on others and i hate that too I don’t want to be an angry person who is pissed off and sad all the time i rather want to happy and nice ughhhh i hate it i hate everything and I being angry but I’m angry ughhhh


My Science teacher is a sack of shit


I’m really confused

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  1. Anonymous

    Im angry all the time too. What makes me even more angry is when people point it out. Then i just feel like a horrible person and get sad, than i get mad that i’m sad. It just sucks.

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