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I Live to Please

I’m tired of trying to please my parents. Everything I do is to make them happy and pleased with me. I’m going to the college they want me to because they won’t let me go where I want to. My mom wants me to be a speech pathologist, but I don’t want that. She tells people that’s what I’m going to do and she was super shocked when I reminded her I didn’t want to do that. I had asked her to proofread a scholarship essay, but she ended up changing the entire to say what she thought I should do in college and career life. Then I was doing a scholarship and asked for help, but she was too tired. It’s reminded her it’s due tomorrow and she said I was disappointing her for not doing it sooner. She also said my international studies (MY actual intended major) would have really helped. She asks likes she supports me only whenever it makes me feel bad. I know I should have done it sooner, but I had no idea what to write. I get perfect grades, I’m 6 out of 111 in my class and yet I’m still disappointing to her. I just want to be myself and not what she wants me to be. I’m not cookie dough that she can take a cookie cutter to make me how she wants to be.


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  1. Anonymous

    Your mother might be frustrating to you right now, but she is the only mother you have. Good or bad…maddening or supportive…try really talking to her instead of just
    listening to her trying to plan your life. I’m sure this isn’t what she planned for her life when she was your age.

  2. Anonymous

    All she wants is the glory. For her to say i helped. Other than that, she is a hindrance. My mother was similar, she told me what subjects i should take even though i wasn’t interested. I graduated with honors in those subject and all she can say is “arent you glad i helped” BITCH WHAT?!?!!! I fucking passed, i did the exams. I am now in a profession i am not happy with. I just wish i did it my way. Study the subject you want to study, do it your way, you will be living with it, she wont.

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