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I love my siblings <3

I am the baby of the family with an older brother and sister. my brother recently graduated collage and moved back home but is about to move out, and my sister is a sophomore in collage while I’m a freshmen in high school and the year is almost over and my sister has not called me once to talk to me, so fuck her. I have called her tho. My brother is like my best friend I tell him everything. Well he recently got engaged and did not tell me he was going to do it or even tell me after it happened. I FOUND OUT THROUGH FUCKING FACEBOOK!!!!! facebook. my fucking best friend gets engaged and find out through facebook. Well anyways I feel better so thanks if anyone is reading this.


stupid asian mother.


It’s Not My Fault

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  1. Lanette

    I made a $10 donation today strictly in honor of the fact that you have GREAT taste in music. So far I can thank you for the following: Pilot Season, Take the Skn72ead&#8h1i;s Bowling, La Poupee, Stop Breakin Down and now I can happily add Part of Your Body is Made Out of Rock–and accordingly 10 bucks to your coffers. Keep up the great work Sam!

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