I need to find my own evidence and push through to faith and the victory of faith to get better in my health and personal life and finances. I really need a miracle in all areas of my life. I want to find it and I believe in it that this time now I will win. I feel it, a knowing. We want to have some assets by the end of the year and some good dividends and some rewards. I really delight in having to get to know my new place in a new country and travelling and business prospects. I have my eye on a few real estate properties that will sure help move things and just want to advance up and up.

my health is improving even with some pain but I see more improvement and I just want to feel all the love I never have before. All the friends and divinity inside of me that makes me glow and shine and live richly and spiritually calm.

I claim my victory over the enemy always through god.