I know life is like a roller coaster, there will be ups and downs throughout this journey called life.
I made a lot of small mistakes and big mistakes, which leads to the downs in my life. There were times that I was so miserable that I couldn’t breathe because of the things that happened. I know things would be over but it was still really tough. I wish I am strong enough to endure what is going on now. Leading a team is not easy, not dragging everyone down is even harder. Because of the small mistakes I made, I caused a lot of bigger trouble.
I am really stressful now, my chest hurts everytime my heart beats, I am mad at myself but even more worried about what happened next.
I need to find my strength back, so I can lead the team once again. I tried acting cheerful and smile to give people support, but I just want a place to rant it out so I won’t break down once again.
When people told me to be strong, I wish I can be weak for just a moment, I wish I received some support so I can walk once again. Maybe I am expecting too much, and it seems like I am taking for granted. I can only trust myself now, so I need to find a way to take care of myself. You need to be an independent woman so you can survive in the harsh world.

Felt better after sharing the things out now. Thank you for this platform, really appreciated it.