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I NEED to die.

I wish I was pretty but I’m so ugly and pathetic, I’m such a dork. It’s not like I’m smart either, I’m stupid. Everybody in my school LOVES Asians, I wish I was Asian, I wish I was cool. I’m so bipolar, I’m an attention-seeking whore. I’m so worthless.


Really Facebook?


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  1. Anonymous

    From one attention whore to another? I have hated myself a lot and quite honestly i still hate myself a lot but i have found out that seeking attention is not really our fault at all, it’s everyone else’s faults.
    In a perfect world we wouldn’t be attention deprived, our family would have loved us and our brother and sister equally.
    Our peers at school and at work would have no bias and everyone would be able to interact freely without any fear and then we would be able to feel that we ‘belong’.
    I found myself stuck here for the last thirty minutes, lol.
    At first i was gonna tell you about my problems to ‘make you feel better’ but in reality that would just be me making the problem about myself because? Just because.
    Then i thought that no, if he sees that my life is shittier he will feel better about himself and you will, honestly but just a little bit, wouldn’t even make a difference, but that’s just me trying to fool myself into making your problems about me anyway.
    Then i thought of giving you advice like i have done to so many people today in these random rant sites but honestly? For the kind of thing you’re going through it wouldn’t do any good, maybe even make things worse.
    I have decided, instead, to apologise.
    I apologise in place of your family, that should have provided you with love and support in any and all occasions, that should have explained to you that the world is not kind and that despite that you are still unique and loved, instead of sheltering you and leaving you to feel like those baby turtles that end upside down on the beach, feeling like they should know what to do and that they’re just wrong and it is all their fault, suffering there in the hot sand until they’re eaten or die in the sun.
    I apologise for the misunderstood dorks at school who went through basically the same thing we did but instead of hating themselves they end up hating others because it’s just as easy (maybe easier) but infinitely more satisfying. I don’t blame them, really. I also apologise for the ones that stared and the ones that saw everything but never acted, they were probably taught that in the world it is everyone by themselves and that if you lose your time helping others you will probably sink with them.
    And i apologise because society as a whole has failed you. If you’re like me, then all of this i am writting will probably just make you scoff and then go back to whatever you were doing before being interrupted. lol.
    I could try to tell you that everyone is unique and that you too are beautiful, pretty or hot, whatever, you’re just different. The feeling of ugliness probably comes from comparing your unique characteristics with someone else’s.
    That, if you think about it, everyone in this little planet is fucking pathetic. But they’re also not pathetic, everyone has a something or other that is redeeming. I am fucking pathetic at basketball, but man am i good at break dancing, see?
    That being smart is relative, you can be smart in language and not smart in math. It doesn’t mean that you’re in the wrong, it just means that you had determinated experiences. Anyone can be ‘smart’ if they try hard enough.
    Anyway i ran out of stuff to say, wish i could run into you on Omegle or somethin’ lol.
    You probably won’t even read this confusing shit that i wrote just to pass time and probably – just probably do something useful while at it.

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