My sister annoys the life out of me! I love her, I do. But if I could move all the way across the globe and only have to see her for Christmas and Birthdays I honestly think I would be cool with that.
She is the laziest most inconsiderate person that I know.
Her best friend moved out of their parents’ house after she graduated from high school due to them having issues with their sexuality, and straight into ours. Do you wanna know where she’s sleeping until she gets her own place some indeterminate time in the future? My room, that I’m locked out of most of the day as all they do is sleep the day away or do whatever. Neither my sister or her best friend have jobs so they pay no bills or contribute financially to this house in anyway whatsoever. I mean what sense does it make that my mom has had to share her room with me for going on 3 years now, while my sister whose best friend it is keeps her room. They don’t cook, hardly ever clean, don’t volunteer to do anything that needs to be done is the house. My sister is out of school for the summer and her best friend never even finished applying to college.

My mom is a sweetheart and you can literally see that this is wearing on her, but it seems like all her stern motherliness left her after she gave birth to my sister, cause I would’ve been kicked that freeloader to the curb, and explained the facts of life to my sister. Our house is a literal mess as only two people are picking up the slack of caring for, feeding, cleaning, and keeping the roof over the head four people and two dogs. And get this my sister wants another pet! She doesn’t even half take care of the two dogs we currently have, which is why they like me better nimrod!

This rant was brought to you today by the fact thath we literally had a fight over packing up clothes for a vacation that we are taking. We leave tomorrow, and she comes to me yesterday about helping her pack. I tell her ok, I have a phone interview this morning, but I should be available to help her around 11:30. Phone interview passes, and low and behold we get frantick ringing and knocking on the door as the garbage men are doing a wellness check on the household due to the fact that our trash hadn’t been brought to the curb for two weeks. So there I am in my comfortable lounge clothes in front of five sanitation workers trying to come up with an excuse as to why no one (it’s my sister and her bestfriends job) brought down the trash. And do you want to know what time it was this occurred? 11:30 of course, when my sister is supposed to be up and going through her clothes, is she awake, did she hear the garbage collectors as they came through the neighborhood, or as they banged on our door? No. She was asleep and didn’t wake up until I woke her after the men had left.

I proceed to try to help her pick her clothes out, and by this time I am in no mood for any kind of attitude she may have, as I have other things that I could be doing. What should have only taken 30 min, has now been over an hour as I stopped helping her five minutes in as she acted like she couldn’t think for herself what kind of clothes she might want to wear, and asking her questions and getting an answer was like pulling teeth. Since my mom likes to baby a full grown adult she can do it when she gets home. But I am done.