I fucking want to kill my brother so bad, ATM rn that I am writing this, I so pissed and mad and too many things inside of me, Up to the point that I want to write about killing him, I’ve thought about it for a while, killing my brother. Fuckkkkk, my older brother has fucking mental issues, I swear, as siblings we fight over litlle things, yeah but he just goes way too overboard. Like whenever we fight over the remote TV and things, I show him what he wants but he still wants the remote, I already showed him what he wants and he wants to do it himself, yeah I’m a fucking stubborn annoying little shit, but then he starts punching me and kicking me in the face and my body. I have to defend myself cuz I’m weaker, but he keeps punching and kicking, doesn’t care if I get swollen face and bruises or fucking bleeds, he just keeps going and my mum tries to stop him but he pushes my mum outta of the way to keeping punching me. I feel bad for my mum as she is always getting hurt protecting over his fucking anger going punching me whenever he is mad, I want to kill him so much, I wish he could just do me a favour and die, I would like to kill him myself as well, I just want to die if ur gonna try and kill me.