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I should end it all

I hate myself so much. No one ever understands me. I know I have attitude problems. But they don’t understand why I give attitude they just think that it’s just my shitty way of living my life. Yeah I know I’m a bitch, I have certain ways of dealing with things, I get annoyed easily, I hate doing things for the people I hate, when I hate people I really show it when I really want them to know, if you treat me like shit I’ll do the same back. I’m merciless especially if you treat me like trash. Yeah I may have attitude but that doesn’t me everything is always my fault. It doesn’t mean that I’m always the one who started the fight and I’m getting all eyes looking at me and fivers pointing at me like it’s always me. I always blame myself and always don’t. But it depends on the situation. I hate being told what to do and being looked upon as if I don’t know what I’m doing. I hate being bossed around by shitty people. I hate being used by shitty people. I hate myself for taking that shit in. I hate myself for being the one all the time. Why is it always me? What did I do to have to deal with all this shit. It’s best if I hate living with others or humans so much. I should just leave this world. I Should just go. I can’t stand being human anymore. All I do is get stared at for being a bitch, no one ever sees my efforts, it’s always my fault, I look as if I’m always wanting to pick a fight, I always do things unintentionally, I always have attitude problems, in so stupid, I have no happiness in my life, I’m not feeling the best anymore (never did my entire life ever since a toddler), I always felt neglected, I always felt lonely, I was and am still by myself and will forever be by myself, I’ve always felt misunderstood, I’ve always been seen shady, I always hated myself, why aren’t I beautiful, why can’t I be nice, why can’t I be able to make friends easily like everyone else, why can’t I have confidence, why can’t I live happily, why can’t I accept how shitty life is, why can’t I accept who I am, why am I me, why do I have to be me, why can’t I do anything, why aren’t I trying, why am I such a coward, why can’t I just go already but even so. If I end it all, why did it have to end in such a crappy way. What I mean is why did I have to end everything without any thoughts of happiness? Or any trace of happiness in my life? Am I such a loser that I ended up just ending everything because I couldn’t handle my shitty self? How sad. But I guess there is nothing that I can do about it. People decide to end it all because they can’t stand their lives, the people around them, the loneliness that they constantly feel, no help, no nothing but the constant feel of hate for themselves and only themselves. Depressing AF am I? I know right. Maybe it’s just my fate to End myself. We all will die one day. And mine is waiting for me patiently because I know I’m not going to be around any longer no one needs me and I’m just nothing but a nuisance.


I’m so fucking annoyed



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  1. Anonymous

    don’t do it, please dont. it’s hard, i know, things get better. even if you dont see them that way, you can make them that way. it all depends on the way you perceive things. new morals. there is only so much this life has to offer that you are not aware of. i know i am not there with you, but i really care at this point. be safe.

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