I feel like way too weak, way too overdramatic, way too fragile. And everytime when they shove it into my fave again, i get bitter. “That sounded like a hamster squeak” or “You acting like a child!” and my absolute favorite: “I can’t take you serious anymore.” I want to show people how strong i am, how much i can actually take. I don’t want them to see me as weak. If they see me as weak, then i feel weak! Since middle school a lot of things have changed. I always got picked on, because i was such a “cry baby”, but they still see me as weak. I took me a lot of effort to get as cold as possible to people, so they wouldn’t call me weak or childish, but recently i got way too emotional AGAIN. So they told me i was weak. AGAIN. This is bullshit. Fuck them. I hate them.