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I want to kill my brother

My little brother (12) is such a little bitch. Yesterday, my mom cooked Mr. Noodles a way he didn’t like and then he started to scream and have a temper tantrum. THEY’RE FUCKING NOODLES, YOU CUNT. THEY’RE WORTH 25 CENTS A PACK, WE CAN ALWAYS BUY MORE. ALSO, THAT’S YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM FOR NOT KNOWING HOW TO BOIL FUCKING WATER, YOU DUMB ASS!

Then he starts swearing and calling my mom and everyone he sees a bitch. YOU’RE A FUCKING BITCH, YOU LITTLE CUNT.
Honestly, I’m so sick of him. Spoiled little brat.
I wish I was an only child. When my mom was pregnant with him, I should have put abortion pills or something in my mom’s drink. Even my mom didn’t want another child. It was my dad who wanted a stupid son.

I swear I will kill my brother one day.


Rip off




  1. Your mum

    I have a brother exactly like yours. Rip his face off and boil his eyes.

  2. ellen langsetmo

    I want to kill my brother he is a suck ble and that zuchs really sucks.Because i believe that he had told my dad to shut down my ail account and he is a control freak.I am goin over there to get that fuck eep.

  3. Anonymous

    i know how pissed you are, everyone is at some point. but don’t kill him regardless if hes a cunt or not murder isn’t right. he will eventually grow out of it, i was once stupid and childish when i was 12 and i was obnoxious too but as you grow the more you get mature.

  4. Lola

    so interesting the part about him lip syncing. one of my fav live pefamrornces this year has been this one.. Pink’s Try from the AMAs. the performance alone inspired me to buy her new cd and for me that is a biggie because I usually only buy Davids. as I recall he likes her too and hope one day David will come out of his shell a tad and dance more? (hint hint DWTS) she can obviously sing and dance at the same time. really like this song and would love for David to cover this one day!

  5. Person 101

    Wow just wow are you sure he is 12 he is like a 3 year old that swears like a sailor well tell him I said this “guess what people gave their lives to protect you and those noodles they died protecting you for other armies, there are people starving to death and would eat those noodles in a heart beat, there are people that kill themselves because they don’t feel like they are worthy of living, and you are here calling your mother a bitch and a cunt listen you imbecile you cuck you Hilter jr. There are people with worse lives then you so stop being a dick.” That is what I have to say about your brother

  6. Anonymous

    You said he was only 12. Most 12 year olds are still immature. Talk to him and demand that he treat you and all other people with respect.

  7. Anonymous

    I don’t really think that killing him would solve the problem.
    Although I can understand where you’re coming from, me and my sister are twins and we do annoy each other a lot

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