Korean Culture sucks. There’s a reason why Korea has the highest rate of teen suicide. In reality, studying is only part of the truth. The real reason is the lack of parental support. Your parents don’t give two shits about what you think or believe. They say that they love you and that they care for you, but really all they want is good grades. It’s not even a stereotype anymore for us. It’s a fucking fact. Asian people are expected good grades, and when we don’t get them, we literally want to kill ourselves. Holy shit do I want to kill myself so badly.

Recently my parents and I had an argument about my study space. I argued that I was upholding decent grades with all A’s minus one class with a high B plus. They disagree about letting me stay in my room to study. Then they continue to bash on me about how I am being “disrespectful” and how I’ll be “ruining their reputation” if i don’t stop “talking back to them.”

Even if I was talking back at them, that doesn’t change the fact that I am not comfortable studying in the dining room, where there are so many distractions unnecessary lights. It makes my study space seem really disorganized, and messy

I just wish Korean people would take some time to understand their kids, because they way things are now, it literally makes me want to kill myself.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had this argument. I’ve attempted suicide twice so far, both of which I obviously failed. The first time was with a noose, that I improperly tied, the next was with a rubber strap, but that snapped after 4 mins.

Fuck the Korean people, they are really stupid for such an intelligent population. Sometimes, I wish I could change my ethnicity to a country more loving and caring.