To those of you that don’t dance, let me give you some background. Dancing, specifically ballroom dancing, takes a lot of time, practice, and dedication. And when you have others around you that don’t have that same passion for it, yet they’re still allowed to dance, it stresses you out. A lot.

I am the captain of my ballroom team and have been having a lot of problems with my fellow dancers. There are quite a few that take it seriously and work hard (thank the gods for them, bless), but there are others that show no interest whatsoever. These are the people that are currently the source of my high levels of stress.

These people talk all class while our choreographers are teaching, and when they actually have to dance the steps while learning, they either do not dance because they weren’t listening and don’t get it, or they goof when during the time they should be dancing.

Another reason for my mass amounts of stress and possible anger, is some of my fellow officers. Our Social Chair, cousin of last year’s Social Chair, said he would do better than his cousin by making sure he did his job when he was supposed to. So far he has done almost worst than his cousin did. He was not planned any team socials in the 2 months we have been back into dance (we are supposed to have one every month), and has obviously not been figuring out our dancers of the month (which is to encourage others to do their best while dancing).

Both of our choreographers, who are also our Publicity Officer and Vice President, are constantly at each others throats, despite them trying to hide it. The Publicity Officer is constantly trying to back-seat teach the V. Pres, which pisses her off and causes hostility in the air. The V. Pres is pretty alright when left to her own devices, and seems to be a better teacher than our Publicity Officer (from what I have seen by the sheer difference in our split numbers).

Yet the V. Pres is giving up on her own dance because of her own levels of stress. She keeps repeating that she just doesn’t care anymore, and it is honestly disheartening, knowing your choreographer does not particularly care about the number we have (attempted to) work hard on. This ties back into the first problem; people not caring about the dance enough to dedicate time and effort and passion to it.

I feel a little better after writing this all out and ranting, if you read the whole thing, I commend you, and thank you. We have a performance tonight, so hopefully it goes well! Trying to stay positive!