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Here I am ranting on some unknown website I just found, simply because I can’t tell anyone about how I’m feeling right now. I can’t go back on the forum because you may read my rant on it… Or maybe I can, but I don’t know how to do that. I’m just so disappointed at you. Why? Why is my heart just a game? I can’t believe what I saw on your page, just a few days after all that crap you told me about loving me and everything we talked on the phone. It is so heartbreaking to know you’ll never change… You’ll never really respect me or my feelings. You never really did. In the end, people just use you for your body and apparently you know that… You keep feeding it even though you say you don’t like it. You’re a liar. You lie to yourself all the time… You’re so easy. So easy. The blue eyed blonde, your lies — this really hurt me, more than I thought it would. I asked you to send me that picture again today, but you ignored me. Ignored me to post that on your page… And the poem I shared with you yesterday, you ignored it too. In the end, I’m glad my necklace broke. Sad, but deep down, I know I am glad… It was never meant to be. You never really cared. Everything you did was just an act to satisfy your own ego and your own sense of self worth. It was never about me. It’s always you, you — the most selfish person I know.
If I could describe how my heart feels right now… It’s just so heavy, but in a million pieces. Not only being ignored, but also reading and watching that … It hurts. I wonder when you will contact me… I hope you do soon… Soon because I want to ignore you too, and let you know it really hurt me. Well, you won’t know why … But I’ll ignore you, and I’ll know the reason.
I guess that in the end we’re just too different — you’re too shallow to really understand me since you’re too busy with yourself. You are selfish with your family… And your friends are all gone because you couldn’t take care of them. Maybe they were never really your friends. All you have now are the “vultures”, as you said yourself… Vultures that you say to despise, but want for yourself… That’s what you want, that’s what you seek… In the end, you’re probably just a piece of trash wrapped in beautiful, shiny gift wrap.

Well… I don’t swear and, in over two years, I never really had the courage to say this but that day when I joked (and felt bad for it afterwards even though you offend me and tell me to go f… myself all the time), but this is for you, and I really mean it this time:

Fuck you.


Fuck you my angel!!


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  1. Anonymous

    May you find peace, happiness, and true love. I really hope we all do.

    Stay strong. Love you.

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