I just wish that my family would support my dreams. Like i want to go to the Olympics and i mentioned it to y mom my dad is totally on board but my mom. it just feel like she is trying to make me fail she has bought junk food twice this wee and the worst part is i can;’t talk to anybody. i just get upset because when i am not perfect with diet and exercise i just feel like that is what people want like i just fail and give up. I feel worthless like i proved them right even though i know that i didn’t. It a vicious cycle cause then i get sad and start self-sabotaging my goals and then finally when i find the courage to try again its like my mom start again and i never get a break. i wish that everyone was on board just that my mom could make me healthy food when she cooked or not yell at me when i ask to cook when she brings home fas food. anyways thats all I wish my dreams would be suppurted.