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Okay so this guy lets call him paul talked to my bff lets call her nina and he said i love you within the first week of them talking and she said said during the weekend that he touched her and she ended talking to him and then my other bff lets say rachel takes pics of me sending them to him on snap harmless ya know well he asked for my snap and i said okay sure why not he can have it and so he adds me on snap and he right away wants to talk to me but I have a rule not to talk to guys who have talked to my friends and plus he touched nina inappropriately so I was going to just ignore him ik I’m a cunt but my friend rachel said no give him a chance nina was lying so i said okay but im bad at replying so bad that i should go to hell and after a few weeks i told him i couldnt talk to him cause of nina so I dropped it now its summer as yall know and all a sudden he texts up my friend rachel and asking her to tell me to give him a chance and he tells her that he likes me so much and i never really talked to him he basically only knows what i look like she says that he likes me cause im super pretty so bruhhhh and im a junior who is turning 16 in july and he is 18 who graduated this year and to top it all off my mom will accuse me of hoeing around if i miss the bus home at this point idk what to do i told her id think about it idk I’m lost


Autism and sex


you truly see how uneducated and ignorant the average person is when you just go on instagram


  1. My Name is Caya

    If you don’t feel the same about him that he does you then so be it. I’m confused on how he really likes you and barely knows you (not doubting your beauty) Yea, but good luck with this one

  2. My name is Sam

    I say, if you don’t like him that much, steer clear of the wierdo.

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