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Identity hell

I wish I was born as a man.

It’s better to be a man — they’re stronger, smarter, faster and get more ahead in life. They NATURALLY want to succeed in life! Not like women who want to take the easy way out like be a nurse or a psychologist instead of being a neurosurgeon. It’s in men genes to do great things. Women nowadays say, “yasss bitch” and fucking complaining about the simplest things.

And before anyone says, “well they have been women who are stronger/ smarter/ etc than men”

Yeah I know and I don’t care. Why?

Because the few women who actually achieve something and become as important as men

Are a minority of women of what is a majority of men.

Don’t get me started on sex

I try to wear sexy stuff so I can feel go about myself and when my male friends see me I’m supposed to feel good but I feel grossed out because I feel small and vulnerable.

My body was made for sex. I hate that so much.

One time, a guy patted me on the head. It’s so insignificant and yet it really bothers me. I don’t want to be cute, I want to rip out my eyes and tear off my skin.

I want to look sexy and be confident. Some of my male friends say I look good and even though I smile and flirt, you know because IM TEYING TO GET USED TO IT, it falls back to disgust.

Why can’t I make them shy? Why can’t make them feel vulnerable? Why can I be dependable?

Oh yeah back to the sex subject. Do you ever realize that receiving is a very vulnerable position. It doesn’t help that men like to stay FUCKING QUIET during sex like it’ll hurt their pride to moan

Being on the bottom fucking sucks because it’s too open and no matter how hard your become to close to him, you remember that the sex position you’re doing right now is where he is in control.

He’s the one putting it in. I see women who say they are power bottoms as something I like but also silly? Because you’re still on the fucking bottom. You’re not putting it in.

I don’t want to get surgery, i don’t even know how to feel about the whole transgender issue! I guess they’re okay but I’m not that!

I kind of wish I was an alien who could go back and forth between sexes, haha. That way I can finally be happy.

I hate my body, I hate my mind, I hate everything. Why was I born female? Why? Why? Why


My parents won’t see me for who I am




  1. Anonymous

    date a woman lmao.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh my god thank goodness someone agrees with me. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone explain how vulnerable sex is for woman in a way that I actually agree. It’s so true. Men have it easy. Woman are forced to try to get on this level men are naturally born into. It’s so frustrating knowing that as a woman there are so many things I can’t really do. I will never be able to be funny than a man without making myself look like an idiot. I will never be hot, only cute and short. And sex… dominant woman is a myth. We can try, sure, but we will always be short, assumed to be dumber, and have so many stereotypes put on us.

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