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My life’s falling apart. I have social anxiety and probably a different mental illness making me feel so depressed 24/7. I try and try and try and try to make friends but it just doesn’t happen. I avoid trying to talk to anyone because I know I’m too awkward and no friendship would start anyway. I’m always lonely, nothing is fun anymore, each day is the same, and really I don’t see a point anymore. I’m not suicidal but if my life’s going to continue down this route and probably get worse what’s the point of trying to get better. also on top of the shitty mind I’ve also got someone telling me I can’t rant to them because “my life is good” and they always say “stop talking about mental illness and how you want to give up you’re life is good” well listen here, I know I have a good home life and a good family but if my minds already toxic and you’re making me compress it more then why bother trying to get better. If I have a “good life” then why do I feel like I don’t matter like I shouldn’t be here like a piece of fucking discarded shit (sorry for my language) anyway I’m rambling


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  1. Anonymous

    I usually shy away from most meds, but a lot of times these feelings come from an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain. Just like a diabetic would need insulin, it’s important to see if those neurotransmitters need to be brought back into balance. I’d see a doc to see if there’s anything s/he can prescribe even temporarily to get you out of that state. Good luck.

  2. Anonymous

    well i know a friend who will never abanden you trust me it is not bs because I use to have depression and ever since I have befriended him I have many doors open for me.and that person is Jesus.I know what your going to say bs but you have to belive in him and pray to him start by lisening to song recomending thy will be done by The Scott family and never gone by Colton Dixon

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