Hey so I have no clue how to start this or smth idk but my pretty much best friend who would clearly choose another friend over me, tbh I have no friends that would choose me as top priority and I really only have about 5 good friends and I don’t want fake friendships. Anyway, so one of my friends is like “hey (name) I hate your art style and how it’s messy and it really depends on the price but yeah” just a few mins ago and I will admit it’s messy but that the point and I feel like if I say anything I’ll loose my friend and it’s a sleepover and it would make tension high and I don’t want to do that. like I have no room to talk because I talk about another friend’s art style but it doesn’t quite netter because when I have long thought trains and they go to the most complicated places so when people are just like “open up we won’t judge you” then when I start trying to explain the specific way my mind goes they always want to try and see where I didn’t go and completely loose me and then they judge me and give their judgemental opinions but I mean all of my friends are in worse situations than me so I can rarely open up and when I do they also say “you think that’s bad? What about (blah)” and yeah so I have no room to talk so I just think why talk at all and just needed to vent to nobody at all. Thanks