So my girlfriend and I have been dating for over a year now, but towards the start of the relationship she had a best friend of 3 years and my girlfriend brought her on a trip to cali and told me “I tried to get you to go” I later found out she did not even bother with me and I was nothing that entire time. Fast forward a few months and her best friend moved out of state and my girlfriend said they arent friends anymore cause “shes a total bitch”. Another few months later (current time) she randomly started talking to her friend again and a few weeks after they started talking her friend is now back in town and she made plans with her specifically when I went to work to avoid telling me anything. The only reason I found out about her in the first place is because I was on my girlfriends phone and saw the texts. Now tonight she asks me if she can bring her “friend” over to MY house and use MY pool, all specifically while im at work. I feel like shit, nothing but shit. She said she was done talking to her and continued to say so until I called her out. I feel betrayed and im not sure if I should or not. Frankly, I dont feel the love I first felt, I still care about her, but everything is a blur to me now. Idk what I want anymore, I feel trapped and helpless and very angry all at the same time.