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I’m 9 months pregnant and my boyfriend wants to go out

I only have 12 DAYS until my due date. My retard of a boyfriend just called me and asked me “is it ok if I go to *****’s show this weekend (one of his friends). He has this friend that is trying to make it big in the music industry so he has regular shows, once or twice a month and there’s usually a decent amount of people showing up to watch him perform. But here’s the thing. 1) the tickets to the shows aren’t free (even though they’re friends) and my boyfriend never even has enough money to pay his bills. Let alone buying $35 show tickets. I know you wanna support your friend but come on now. I think your bills should be paid before ANYTHING. On top of you having a baby in less than two weeks…. Hmm.
2) I know they’re going to get drunk and he’s going to come in at 3 in the morning. I need my sleep, with me being pregnant, and I don’t enjoy being woken up at 3 AM. Go to your apartment if you’re going to come home that late, don’t come to my house with that bs.
3) with me having 12 days until my due date, I could go into labor ANY DAY NOW. And he’s the type that always has a dead phone or pretends he couldn’t hear it ringing. It pisses me off that I only have 12 days to go (if that) and he just can’t fuckin wait. Seriously?
Also, his lease is up on his apartment and he moves out at the end of this month. I just bought a house, which he’s already decided to move himself into …. :/ and he’s really bad with paying bills and managing his money. He bought a car last summer that he barely knows how to drive..(it’s a stick shift). Due to him not knowing how to drive stick, he’s already had to replace the clutch, brakes, and numerous other things that he fucked up, in less than 6 months. Money flying right out of the window. Oh yea, on top of a monthly car note that he absolutely cannot afford. AND HE ALREADY HAD A PERFECTLY FUNCTIONING CAR. It was automatic, with less problems and was already paid off. No car note, no nothing. But he likes to impress his friends and show his ass, so that was pretty much the only reason he bought another one. He’s SO bad with his money it’s ridiculous. He works at a Lexus car dealership and there is no reason why your entire check should be gone in 3 days. On what, I don’t know. Cuz he sure doesn’t pay bills with it. I’m frustrated and I want him to live with me because of the baby and all but I refuse to live with someone who is so financially irresponsible….we have a child now. And rent and utilities and other things. I can’t do it all alone. I don’t have time for “oh babe I don’t have my half of the rent this month.” I’m getting really irritated and I don’t know what to do. I’m seriously contemplating leaving him. I’m not going to let another person drag me into the debt hole that they’re in, boyfriend or not. Especially since I’m having this baby. I need to maintain my own financial stability and right now, I’m just about teetering on the edge, messing with his ass. Am I overreacting? Ugh. I don’t think so but maybe a second opinion wouldn’t be so bad.


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Your mother is a bitch.


  1. Anonymous

    He’ll never figure it out until he bottoms out.
    He’ll never bottom out as long as he has people that will support him.
    Sounds like he needs a nice, healthy dose of tough-love. For his sake, I hope he receives it and the sooner the better.

  2. Anonymous

    He is taking the piss, sorry. I dont think you are overreacting, he sounds like he is being unfair any not really thinking about his priorities. He needs to understand that you are in this together and to have better communication. But hey, thats just me.

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