I’m so mf broke it’s not even funny, f*ck you dad for leaving I’m a kid I have no resources just this big empty house that I can’t even sell cause of issues with papers so I’m stuck with a big fancy house and literally no money I grew up around rich kids getting boosts from their parents to start a good life where am i? I lost all that status and future I can’t even afford college I don’t have any answers for my friends I’m lying to them because they’ll look down on me for entering a cheap public college which is more convenient. I’m not a no good piece of shit, I work hard at everything but I can’t find no work in this Asian country i can’t even start a business to pursue my dream because you f*cking need money to make money, I have none I’m lucky if I get to buy a new pair of shoes and that’s enough for the next two years. I can’t ever get through these feelings without feeling guilty or ungrateful but also angry because why am I not allowed to be angry? Why was I promised a future when i was never gonna get one? F*ck you dad and all the relatives who took the money that was stashed for MY future. And no offence but f*ck all these stupid rich kids who got handed opportunities at the palm of their hand because of their rich dads. I just really hate rich people right now. I know it’s irrational. It’s no one’s fault this happened. But it’s not fair that even when I try to find a solution to fix my situation I’m held back because I need money to start the solution. I can’t get a job in this effing country cause I’m too young and female.