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I’m falling in love

I’m falling in love and I’m scared. I told him last night I’m not going to be the heartbreaker this time and I know it. In the past I’ve been able to get men to fall in love with me just for the pleasure of the game but I had no intent of really being with them therfore I was the heartbreaker, always. But now I can feel myself falling for him and it’s the scariest most vunerable feeling. Love Is a distraction, Love is a weakness.(?) Being attached to someone is a dangerous thing. It feels so good though, it’s defiantly a drug. There’s so many different kinds of love and they all give different highs. I love this high that he gives me. It’s so calm. Sometimes i feel overwhelmed because everything seems so causal and what I feel for him isn’t causal and then I get frustrated because I don’t know how to explain or show how I feel for him and I can’t say I love him because it’s too soon. So who will say it first and how will we say it ?


Fuck my life


Forced To Love A Pup

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  1. SK

    I’m so happy you found love! Definitely do not take this feeling for granted, it is a wonderful time. Honestly, there’s no rules on when and who should say it first. If you truly love him, and you have a feeling he loves you too, don’t hold back in saying. Life is too short to waste time not expressing our feelings.

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