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i’m fat.

okay, so for the thousandth time my parents just pulled me in to talk about me “eating everything.” i guess they either don’t realize that my sister eats twice as much as me, or they don’t care because she’s skinny. i’m two hundred pounds, and apparently that means i’m automatically the one that eats everything, and when i point out that it’s not me that’s eating all that, i’m “not taking responsibility for my actions” when there are no actions to take responsibility for! honestly at this point i could stop eating all together and i’d still be eating too much.




I Should’ve Said No

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  1. Crispy_nugz

    Your parents pulled you in to talk to you because youre the one with the problem, kid. Dont worry about what your skinny sister is putting in her mouth, worry about your fat ass. The issue isnt with how much food you eat, its with the rolls under your tits. Get a drug habit, and soon you wont be concerned with food at all and the pounds will melt off. Your parents will get off your back about anything you eat as well. People treat you better when you arent a fat piece of shit baby that asks for advice from trolls.

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