I recently was injured in my tailbone. After five days of not going to school(I admit I have a low pain threshold), I was sitting with a sorta-kinda friend who I’ll just call K. We’re waiting for my ride to pick me up afterschool and when I’m about to leave, she asks me to help her up. She knew that i was just recovering from a very sensitive injury that still hurt like hell, and she knows that she’s much bigger than me, but I helped her up anyways. When I winced, she insulted me and called me weak and pathetic. The next day she did it again, and again, and again, and my injury wasn’t healing fast, but if I dared closed my eyes, faltered, or even fucking grunted, I was the weak one because I’d made a single sign of exertion from HELPING THIS FATASS UP WHEN I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS INJURED AND WAS DOING SOMETHING THAT WOULD REQUIRE EXERTION ON THE EXACT AREA I WAS INJURED. I mean, I’m sorry, but if she can’t pick her own fatass up then she has no damn right to call the smaller, injured girl who helped you up, despite the fact that she knows she won’t get a thank you and WILL be ridiculed and still barely defends herself besides an “it hurts, I’m injured”, a weak person. If this wasn’t as long as it was I’d probably rant about a few more things K’s done that were pretty rude( deliberately or not), but even if this was shorter I already feel like a guilty bitch for writing about this, especially over something so small, so this’ll be fine for now.