So a couple months ago I met someone and we fell in love in no time. There were the sparks, fireworks. We were both so happy and so in love, we both knew it. It was never I love him more or he loves me more, it was just us madly in love. Everything went well for about a month, in fact it was the best time of my life. I was constantly happy and motivated. Then we met for the first time and it was amazing, our relationship was just getting better and better and he was perfect. But after a couple weeks it was changing because we’re both busy sometimes so there would be times where we didn’t talk as much. (long distance). Then gradually he just wasn’t showing the same affect he was showing in the very beginning.. but then.. sometimes its back to normal just like what i was in the beginning but then it goes back and its a pattern. And even though there were good times in these patterns, it stills hurts me so much. He just doesn’t show love the same way in the beginning. I feel like I expect too much but he isn’t doing anything either. I miss the way he called me beautiful.. I miss the affection. Not that he doesn’t show it now, just that it’s different compared to day 1. I don’t know whats happening, I don’t know what to do.