I live in a mediocre well-off family and have amazing friends who rock my life. I’m happy at school and while watching about other peoples lives but at home, I’m spoiled angry bratty scared and depressed. It’s not like I want to be those I can’t help it. I have too much stress put on me and I have no time for me. To figure out who I am. All my friends who have better grades than me don’t go to tutoring or do any other afterschool thing. To be honest I only really want to do dance lessons. Out of the 15, I do every week. It results in me not having time to do school work, study for tests and just do things I like. It’s just so much for me. And also recently my parents bought a new house so we moved in and all. Thye made a room for me and my brother to study in and I’m not comfortable in that room. It’s just so meh. I can’t describe it but it just isn’t what I wanted.