I’m not ok, I’m sad all the time, I try and be happy but nothing ever goes my way. I look around and all my friends have boyfriends, my sister and her friends have boyfriends / girlfriends, my mum and dad are together, I’m always the third wheel I’m always the alone one. When everyone’s together out at parties or sleepovers I’m honestly on my own as they’re all with there partners which is completely understandable but it makes me feel so lonely because obviously they all put there relationships first. Even my best friend… and when I got into sometning I thought could be serious he fucked me over so bad and is no longer interested and it still hurts me so bad. I’m so insecure, all my friends have insane bodies like everything you’d see on Instagram or something, and I try I go to the gym I eat healthy but if my friend can’t go with me I can’t go because I’m so anxious to be on my own in open spaces, i hate when people stare and it makes me feel even more insecure so I give up. And my friend never comes as she’s always with her boyfriend. Everything else just goes wrong for me, even failing my driving test has effect me. I have just lost all motivation and it all seems so little and that I come across pathetic or dramatic but it’s just how I feel. All I do is think about how my life could be better and I cannot stop thinking about when something goes wrong. I’m just so sad all the time, and I hate the way I look, I just have the worst luck :(.