I wanna kill myself at this point. .. life is so hard and lonely for a shy girl like me, and I just don’t fit in with anyone. On top of that, this hear has been awful. My birthdday was awful, I didn’t even have a party and (my little sister did because she’s the favorite), my mom takes away the one thing I find happiness in my beauty/hair. It’s been the one thing that makes me feel confident and it’s always taken away from me for no reason. I always get yelled at because my moms life isn’t fair so I take the heat. She always expresses to me how much of a disappointment I am to her and I cry myself to sleep almost every night- but if she found out, she would just make fun of me, tell me that I’m too old for that, and then make fun of me with my little sister. I go around pretending I have friends, when secretly I don’t. I’m often fake with people and I always have to change myself just to fit In with everyone else. I’m always a good friend to others, but no one has been a good friend to me. Ever. My dad lives 8 hrs away, and I never see him except holidays, which makes me sad, especially my senior year. But at the same time he’s always aggressive so I don’t usually miss him too much. I just wanna escape. I just wanna leave the world because I know no one would miss me. I’m just a tiny flee compared to the rest of the world and it wouldn’t make a difference if I were alive or not. I wish I was treated the same as everyone else. I wish I could just be happy and not depressed all the time. I wish I could take off this mask I wear on a daily. I always have anxiety before school because I get nervous I’ll never be pretty enough or fit in the forte of being a high school senior. My life feels incomplete. I just wanna kill myself. I’m ready to leave the world behind