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‘I’m really sorry’

Today i had to contact my university tutor to correct my module choices and was scolded like a child. Bear in mind I had to wait 3 months over summer as they wouldn’t help during their ‘break’ and I am In fact 22. i realised some time in june that i had made a mistake when selecting a module so therefore found an alternative and asked for it to be changed, already i was annoyed that i had to ask an ‘elder’ to do this as i didnt have the authority over my own course. In the email I stated that i had in fact made a mistake and if she would be kind enough to change the details, all in all it would take less than 5 minutes, her response? CC’d into an email starting ‘dear student records, I am really sorry to have to ask, but can **** change her module choice she didn’t carry out due diligence when picking earlier, again really sorry’ then sending me an email saying ‘I’m embarrassed having to write that email **** do not ask again’. Yeah!. 9 THOUSAND POUNDS a year and i get treated like a child, you would not get such disrespect from any other tradesmen and that is what she is , i am paying for her to teach me , her trade is teaching, and yet i am a complete inconvenience. I am paying for my education, therefore i am entitled to more respect especially when it comes to the subject i am paying for a degree in . Years ago when education was free, respect was not a two way streak , however to still expect to be able to treat student in such a disrespectful tone is sickening, would it not be for the fact she holds power over my final degree i would take this to the board. However in one year when my degree is in my hand. There will be hell to pay.




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  1. Anonymous

    I can understand why some people, who get jobs at Universities because they fail at real life, would be condescending. They have to watch people younger than them succeed at what they can now never hope to achieve. Sad, isn’t it?

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