I am so scared. So utterly scared of the future. So worried for my future children. So worried for the planet that I live on.
I to not expect to survive past the end of the year if tensions with North Korea and Russia continue to rise. I may not be the most informed when it comes to my governments affairs with others, but what I do not know and what I do know scares me.
Nuclear war is the fear of many people, and I cannot stress the importance of what my government is doing. From what I know of, my own president voted by my electoral college who believes that they are doing is the right thing, has told another country to “quit it.” My own president has told North Korea that he can “solve them,” as if they are the bigger problem in this year. North Korea has explored the possibilities of Nuclear war heads, etc, and I do agree that flaunting what they have is a foolish idea that could trigger a chain reaction in our world.
But I cannot agree with my own president when he tells North Korea that they are a problem when he is what the future generations are looking up to. I beg of him to change himself. To gain a wider view of the world. To understand that not all illegal immigrants come to my country to “steal our jobs, and rape our women and children.”
They come over for family that have already gained their citizenship, hoping to gain a new start for their
Lives. To help their own family flee a country that is in need of every help possible. To see if they can become a person of hope for others.
He says that “China is a currency manipulator.” He then turns around and says that China is our best friend. I’m sorry sir, but when you make a statement, you must stand by that statement until you can argue completely with facts that disprove your previous statements. When you say one statement, and then turn around and do an action or say a statement that is the complete opposite of what you said or did before, you just confuse and frustrate the many others who watch your actions, and who must deal with the consequences.
I know that some may fight against what I say, point fingers, and point out flaws. Go ahead ladies and gentlemen. What you say can only help improve what I do and say. I thank you for that.
Back to the rant, though.

I do not like my own country. I cannot say that I hate my country, but I cannot say that I stand behind it when it comes down to support or no support. My country makes mistakes, like many others do, but it is different. We are put on a podium of stereotypes and hate, created by many other countries, and our own selves. We sing of being proud of our own country in elementary grades. We stand in classrooms holding a hand to our heart, chanting our own “Pledge of Allegiance.” Why must we pledge ourselves when we do not know why we pledge to our country. I do not stand completely behind my country. I envy the countries that mock us and point fingers. I pity the countries that beg us – or anyone to help them. I then pity myself. I pity my own self for wishing to be in another country that is not my own. I honestly believe that I have two part’s of me that battle for control over my preferences. Should I become a Liberal? To crazy and weird. Should I be a Conservative? No, because they are to strict with tradition and force. You can obviously tell which part is winning.