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I’m sick of this Salem witch hunt about plastic

Sometime within the past year, everyone started freaking out about plastic. And now, we can’t stop.

Let’s get one thing straight. It’s not like I don’t care about the environment—I do. But I’m tired of this insanity surrounding plastic use and plastic waste. We are living in the Salem witch hunt of 2018.

All around me, people are freaking out big-time about plastic waste. They’re complaining about the use of straws in bars, the packaging in takeouts, and just non-reusable plastic use in general.

Here is why I think that is a problem.

A) YOU are part of the problem.
If you think that you are doing the world a favor by freaking out about plastic waste, remember that you are the problem. You are 100% complicit in the situation. If you truly don’t want to live with any non-reusable plastic, there are many alternatives. You’re just not doing them. See point B below.

B) If you truly want to help the problem, then you need to commit to changing your lifestyle completely. Not just freak out about it on social media.
Make your own lunch to bring to work instead of getting takeouts. Visit restaurants in person so they’re not delivering shit to you in plastic. You KNOW that they’re gonna deliver shit to you in plastic because guess what, your Chinese takeaway is not going to be served in a Faberge egg. Shop at farmer’s markets where shit is not wrapped up in plastic all the time. Or just stop eating/going outside. It’s your decision.

C) You are disrupting businesses and their hustle by demanding them to use less plastic.
Look. Everyone’s just trying to make some money. Businesses have no time dealing with privileged white people constantly complaining about plastic waste. If you truly have a problem with how much plastic they use, STOP GOING THERE. STOP GIVING THEM BUSINESS. Then maybe they’ll realise they need to do something, but it really isn’t cool for people to constantly bombard a shop/restaurant telling them to do this, do that, because green. Are you paying their bills? Do you have a life???

D) Everyone needs to accept that there is a demand for plastic.
There, I said it. Plastic exists and businesses make money out of producing plastic because there is a demand for it. People use that shit every day. What are you going to line your trash can with other than plastic bags? How are you going to get a bottle of shampoo without the plastic BOTTLE that comes with it? Think about it. It helps that the word is spreading about protecting the environment—but at the end of the day we need to accept that we’re just not at a point right now where we can eradicate plastic completely. Get over it.




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    you’re am idiot and this rant is more white than complaining about plastic

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