okay so me and my boyfriend ( zach ) have been dating nearly 7 months but before we were dating we were the best of friends, no one believed we werent dating because of how good of friends we were. anyway so he was an asshole before we started to date just a complete asshole, there was no way around he did fuckedup things and rarely to me cause when he did i would blowup and threaten to not be his friend and he would always say i meant to much tohim and that he would stop and he isnt an asshole anymore with me but he does slip up and fuck up every now and then anyway he did something in vloving an, he didnt cheat on me, or else we would done but i felt, and still feel just as betrayed bu that isnt what this rant is about, me and zach argued for an entire month since he said he couldnt argue anymore about it i wold get mad at everything else, i would just blow up on any small thing just so i could yell at him and and tell him to leave me alone and okay anway i dont know what happened but we stopped argueing after a month and a hakf of nothing else and AHHHH okay we have alwasy said we loved eachother while friends and while dating and okay so !!!! a few mnths back we were talking about falling in love and he was like you are the only girl i have ever loved and i was said that one day when he falls in love he will understand how amazing it is, and he said ‘ im pretty much there ” and okay so last night i was laying in my bd with zach and i was like ” oh zach btw my mom is gonna ask you if you are in love with me … ” and i was explaing why she was gonna ask he flipped onto my bed and said ” i am ” and i kept talking cause i wasntreall ysuppose to address it but ahhhhhhhhh fuck ea oh my god i love him so much but i need him to actaully say ” hailey i am in love with you ” before i can say anything back