So many things are wrong with me, it’s not even fair. First off, I’m fat. I’m an american size 18. I feel so gross and I look awful in all the cute clothes that even come in my size (I’m lucky if cute clothes come in my size). I’m nineteen and I haven’t been on a date since I was fifteen, haven’t been with a guy in the same amount of time. It makes me feel worthless. It also doesn’t help that I can’t afford nice clothes my size. Everything is so expensive. I’m currently living at home with my parents and sister in a tiny ass two bedroom apartment that is currently infested with cockroaches, that has a broken toilet, and neighbors full of drama. We can’t afford to move.
My only friend doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore. Imagine that. She’s the only friend I had. But now she makes constant excuses as to why she can’t hang out with me. She once told me that she had to do chores (we’re the same age but she still lives at home as well) and I only found out through her boyfriend that she was at the bar with a work friend. She’s even been preventing her sisters (who I was also friends with) from hanging out too. Influencing them to lie to me and blow me off.
I just want to die.