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Dear who ever gives a f*ck,
My husband and I have been together for almost 16 years! I have dealt with a lot of immaturity throughout the years from drinking to fighting. He has grown up some. We have three wonderful kids together. We first started dating when we were 16 years old. He is a baker he has been at his job for about 13 years. I am a medical Assistant..for about 9 years. His personality is kind of blunt, he is an anti-social person. Me on the other hand I love people. If you are kind to me I am kind to you..doesn’t matter who you are or where your from. So now that you got a little bit of info of what or who we are I want to vent.!!!!!
I decided to go back to school about two years ago to get a degree in Biotechnology. He was okay with it as long as I continued to work. All was fine and dandy until he started making smart remarks. For instance if I was to mention a guys name who is in my class. He will question ” who the f*ck is that?”
“why the f*ck is you talking to him for?” then it got to where I had a few study groups and if guys were involved I couldn’t go!!! Again, me being this social butterfly I would argue with him and he knows me, he know I love everyone. We have been together for years. Even in high school I had all kinds of friends and he couldn’t stop me then, why does he feel that he can stop me now??? My other biggest problem is I can be a forgetful person..So for instance I accidentally left my wallet at a friends house the other day. He threw the biggest fit ever. Calling me stupid, and how can I bet so ignorant. It led to a huge argument were he just belittled me more. calling me all kinds of names b*tch is one. This belittling has been going on for
What should I do if I try talking to him about its always my fault or he is sorry and he will never do it again!
I’m so tired of fighting and arguing with him…!!!!!!!!!!!


Unicorn loves you


Second Placing


  1. Anonymous

    it is a possibility that he is feeling insecure that you are improving your life and doing new things and he isn’t involved with that all. Obviously this doesn’t give him a right to treat you that way. But take a moment to consider how he might be feeling even if he himself isn’t aware he is feeling a certain way. It’s important to find a compromise and stick to it. If you can’t find a compromise or if you can’t stop fighting it’s not healthy for you, him, or your children.

  2. Anonymous

    Because he cheated on you. And is projecting

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