I’ve had it to my neck here, and you know what, I don’t care if anyone finds out who I am. I am done with being everyone’s bitch. Scape goat. The “Everything is wrong with her” thing.
It’s high time that I give them, and all of you a piece of my mind because I am usually dismissed, (perceived to be, in my view) downtrodden, and you lofty asshats usually reason your asses out of here to justify why you are right and I am wrong so it justifies your bullshit slinging my way.
Dear Mum and Dad,

Yes, you guys are right. I overlooked something, or I forgot something.
I’m careless, and I’m trying to fix it.
What a perfect opportunity to pin stuff on me, or do the thing where “Everything is wrong in this house (including you)”-like words pour out of your mouths like a fire hose.
But I’d like to smack your faces into something I like to call “Limited perception” or “In the moment blinkered”.
It’s when, at the time, you only perceive, see or notice a few things, and you will miss things. It happens, it exists, and it’s even more prominent for me as I am classified as one of those people who can get overwhelmed with the senses around me, and from people. It drains me mentally and psychologically. So my mind copes by relaxing in less crowded, open places where I can be creative, listen to music, and do something I love. That is why I love dancing, or ice skating as I feel freer to express and enjoy in music without the fear of being judged, told my music tastes are shit. I find a similar sensation when I am writing, drawing, or blogging.
In cases where I can’t escape, I tend to focus on certain things, but maybe not the ones you have in mind.
It’s like those driving ads a while ago, where you are tasked to do something but you fail to notice the most obtuse and obnoxious thing in the scene. I bet you didn’t see the moonwalking bear the first time, now didn’t you?
Be honest.
Now when they raised the question and pointed out your problems, they don’t bash you over the head with the flaw, or lecture on and on and on about it.
Now do they? If they did, the audience will just switch off and the message doesn’t hit home.
If they did stay and watch, they’d probably be fucking pissed off, or lukewarm at best.
And if this rant is too long, then,

Don’t frigging associate me with being the only one with the problem. Stop ranting at me and smacking me over the head with mistakes.
I bet I can name you times which you too are imperfect and make mistakes, even if they are not the same kind of problem.
So, shut the fuck up before I go shut you up myself….