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I’m young, sad and confused

I know I’m ugly. Though many boys in my class call me as the most beautiful in the class but I know I am. I wear ugly square glasses, My hair looks like it was done by my aunt and my nose is big and short, My lips is undefined and chapped. But I guess I have one thing postive about my appearence, my body. Though my boobs are not D and my butts not big, I have a small waist. My classmates said that I have body all girls want to have. I dont really know how to react, I am for once have something to be proud of and so I begin to stop eating. I dont know when but there was this one time I forced myself to not eat from morning till dinner. My stomach aches so much that ever since that day, My stomach always feel full. Sometimes I eat my normal portion and I’d feel the urge to make myself vomit. But yeah i guess, I hope I can be as beautiful as the flower in my school


just rly angry @ life


Am I really In Love?

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey hey girlie. We’re all hard on our physical appearances but you need to take some time in pointing out the good stuff about yourself. Put on some cute clothes and pose and tell yourself “ damn I’m fucking hot “ . Please eat!! Starving yourself is not a permanent solution & if you feel like you can’t start off little by little, I do not want you to starve yourself or have stomach ulcers you need to eat to live!!

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