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I’m a late 20s male. I’ve bin married for 6 years, and have 2 kids, a good job and a nice house. My life is good! How ever, lately I feel I’m in the wrong place.

Recently I have a been dreaming of a girl I dated in high school. 3 or 4 times a week. Dreams that everything in my life is the same, except she’s my wife. I live in the same house and have the same kids. But this girl has replaced my wife. This has started to effect my day to day life. I now miss this girl like crazy. I would do anything to just talk to her. Everyhing reminds me of her. Ill hear a song or smell a car freshner and then shes on my mind all day!It’s to a point where I wake up from a dream and then get upset that it’s over. I’m just sick of this feeling and needed to vent I guess.


Idk :/



  1. CRYSTAL33333333333333333333

    you is a horrible husband. she should divorce yo ass already

    • Anonymous

      kek And if the genders would be reversed you’d write “u go gurl u ain’t need no husband u don’t want” or similar shit.

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