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Incompetent Fellow Teachers

I’m a teacher who is bitter because I don’t make minimum wage while another teacher is making x5 what I’m making.

It’s not the money that I hold in contempt, it’s the fact that’s she’s so incompetent that she doesn’t deserve it.

How do I know that she’s incompetent?!

A student of hers wrote in an essay:

‘…was the first inventor to take out a patent on his invention…’

She marked it down as incorrect because she though that he meant ‘patience’. I tried to correct her mistake before she redistributed the papers again, but she kept insisting that the student was wrong and it was supposed to be ‘patience’ not ‘patent’. I explained that patent is a real word that was used correctly in terms of context while patience would not make any sense. She still argued.
I finally asked her if she actually knew what ‘patent’ meant.
She did not.
So there I was explaining to a fellow teacher who should know better what patent was and how her student trumped her in terms of vocab.


Losing my life


my best friend is being taken away from another person


  1. Anonymous

    thats awful. You should report it to your superior.

    • Anonymous

      It is, but I don’t want to be the one responsible for getting someone fired. Especially in this economy where jobs have become scarce.

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