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Internal pain

It has been 2 years since my mom has gave me up to my drunken Druggie dad she has mad no attempt to contact me and i dont know how to contact her . like how the fuck am i supposed to talk to you if i dont know how . I am 16 now i was taken when i was 14 its been 2 years and i still hurt like yesterday . I hurt more and more every day . But she never shows . I started high school without her i turned the big 16 without her . but everyday it tore me apart I start crying and my dad laughs at me when i cut or hit myself my dad hits me harder than i hit myself . he doesn’t realize how much pain im in . my older sister she is living on her own having a baby . my oldest sister is getting married . then there is me who hasn’t had a boyfriend ever in her life because she is two internally hurt to deal with it . Kids at school wanna drunk me in the toilets because they know i wont fight back. people throw stuff at me because they know i wont say nothing . they dont realize that i dont do anything because growing up if i did anything or said anything I was Hit or had something thrown at me . sometimes i just want to die but then i back out because i know that my dad would take it out on my sister and my mom would act like she cared . NO nobody ever cared about me my teacher raised me i lived on the street till my teacher took me in ,. i stayed in the hospital for 4 years because my kidney was shutting down . and my bodys amun system was poor . so can i please just be happy.


i hate myself


295 Dale cres Waterloo Ontario Canada

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  1. Anonymous

    *Hugs* I wish so much that I can help you.

    Fight back. Be strong. Stand up for your self. Get a part time job and once you’ve saved enough, move out and leave your irresponsible father

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