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okay i met a girl a little less than a year ago through my theater group. after the show we were in ended i found her on Instagram. we talked every so often for about 6 months then in September we started working on another show together and we really started to become close friends. now we talk every day from late at night to the early hours of the morning. now i have to clarify that shes 20 and i’m 16 and that’s where this rant starts. As me and this girl got closer and closer we started talking about hanging out. i don’t have my drivers license or a car yet so i cant just go and hang out with her, i have to ask for rides from my mom because she doesn’t want me to be in cars with “younger, less experienced” drivers. anyway i asked my mom if i could go hang out with her and she started asking questions. who is she? what does she do? and the big one, how old is she?…. now there’s the problem. my mom thinks its absolutely ridiculous and absurd for a sixteen year old guy and a 20 year old girl to hang out. she says its immature for her to even want to hang out with me (i should point out that after one of those shows the girl drove me home and she came inside for a couple minutes and in the few minutes she was there my mom came into my dads house {my parents are divorced} which she never does and saw me and her in the dining room just talking and she freaked out so that wasn’t a good way to introduce them to each other) my mom made my sister do research on her because they’re close in age and my sister found out that she hung around with the people with a “less than perfect reputation” at her school and obviously my mom didn’t enjoy hearing that so then we got into an argument about it. because of the argument she brought it up at my therapist appointment and my therapist said that my mom, the girl and i should do something in a “controlled environment” to see what the girl is like. so i asked my mom repeatedly to do something with her so the girl and i can start hanging out, she rejected every request. i finally got my mom to consider it and she was sort of on board. but recently i had a hockey game and i told the girl about it and she tried to surprise me there because we hadn’t seen each other in weeks and we really wanted to. but when she saw my father ,who was also at the game, she got nervous and left. this caused a lot of suspicion and my mom sketched out and immediately went back on our plans to go somewhere with the girl. so that, ladies and gentleman, is the reason for this rant. i was in a big slump and this girl pulled me out of it and i’m actually happier than I’ve been in a long time and i don’t think my mom realizes that and it really pisses me off. like if something makes your kid happy it shouldn’t matter what it is. its not like i’m trying to start an intimate relationship with this girl. and besides i could be into more dangerous things than a 20 year old. anyway I’ve made an executive decision and wait until my mom has no say in who i hang out with. and shes just gonna have to deal with the fact that my best friend is 20. she’s a great person and my mom needs to realize that.

lemme know what you think.

do you agree that it shouldn’t matter or do you agree with my mom that its ridiculous


I don’t get it.


I hate my best friend’s boy


  1. katey

    well, you are still a minor, so i would wait until you are 18

  2. Anonymous

    My mom had a melt down when I told her that I liked a woman that was 6 years older. I can’t help it if I’ve always found older women to be more mature. In my personal experience younger girls tend to think they’re hotter than they actually are. They seem to think that they’re hot catches when most are just average. The older girls have always seemed to be more mellow, understanding, and easy to talk to. They also seem to be more eager to get in my pants. The older girls have been there are they’re more experienced with life. From the age of 11, I’ve always had a thing for older women. Now I’m 19 and my mom is freaking out because she knows I like a 25 year old woman. What is the harm in that?

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you completely. I swear it’s as if your repeating every word I’ve ever said about younger girls and older girls.

  3. Anonymous

    You are right, It totally doesn’t matter but your mum is probably only worried about you. Why don’t you let your mum meet your friend so she can get a personal impression on her, that way, if your mum ends up liking her you prove her wrong and you get less drama whenever you want to hang out with that chick.

  4. Person 101

    Hey your mom should let you talk to who you want to don’t let your parents tell who and who you can’t be friends with just be with your friend hang out even if your mom is not ok with that she is YOUR friend not your mom’s friend

  5. Anonymous

    As much as I can kind of empathise with your mum for being cautious about who her son is hanging out with, she is not compromising at all. Whereas you are trying to sort this out in a mature way. I’d do what most 16 year olds would do and continue to see her anyway if you can

  6. Bromance

    Hopefully you can figure this out before you hit adulthood, but once you do, really NO ONE gives a shit anymore. It’s stupid that people do ever, but the “I’m an adult now” card is really handy in situations like these, even though you may feel a little childish doing it. I agree, as long as you aren’t trying to be intimate, there really isn’t a problem here. Heaven forbid you have a good role model and friend.

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  8. Anonymous

    Age doesn’t matter – and that’s a fact. I am 16 also, and I hang out with men older than me and generally chat to them and get along fine. We are all Humans, and that’s that.

    Your mom needs to broaden her mind, but soon she’ll realise.

  9. anon

    it shudnt matter

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