This is how it started:

I saw vacation commercials on TV and i was like” hey mom do you wanna go anywhere for winter break? we can also go with your friends”. She said no. I said then what about April. She was like “What the fuck i told you we’re not going anywhere on April.” and i was like “but remember you told me like in October that we’re gonna go somewhere for winter break ?” She yelled. and she was like stfu i’m tired to talking to you. So i said nothing. but she kept talking and i was like mom now you’re talking to me, thought you’re tired to talking to me. then i just went back to my room. Then my aunt came. She was like “y u so rude” I’M LIKE WA DA FUCK. I JUST ASK A FUCKING QUESTION. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS OVERACTING. then she said “but if you ask in a more polite manner”. I said “I ASKED HER IF SHE WANNA GO ANYWHERE… GET OUT OF MY ROOM. PLS. JUST GO. ” and she’s like okay fine keep staying like that. LIKE WHAT. LIKE THIS. I JUST ASKED A FUCKING QUESTION AND NOW I’M LIKE A FUGITIVE OR WHAT AM I.