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I was with people today – they asked about my childhood & how come I don’t see my mum anymore, I’m not ashamed of it so I answered honestly “my mum was abusive so I got sent into care.”

I then got in loads of trouble from someone listening in for “oversharing” & “making myself & others upset” I found this really frustrating because I don’t see an issue with saying I was abused & went to care because it was my life & I experienced it!

I’ve never lived a life without any form of abuse in the background!
By the time I got away from it all I was sent to a place where everyone was in the same situation as me so everyone spoke about it openly.

I’m not upset when talking about my life because I didn’t know any different.
I’m sick of people telling me off for “upsetting others” when they were the ones that asked in the first place.

Why the hell are you upset?!?!?!?! I lived it. It happened to me!
I’m not even allowed to talk about my own life.
My life should not be a taboo subject.

I’m finally open & happy with where I am.
I don’t need you to tell me my past has upset YOU so I can’t talk about what happened to ME!

My life is not one big secret.

Would prefer me to lie & say “Oh yes! I grew up in a perfect little family with a mummy & daddy who were both happily married, a brother & a sister who loved each other more than anything else in the world & NEVER argued & a cat & a dog that never got sick, or put down, or died or aged or got lost & we all lived happily ever after!”

Sorry to disappoint you but that’s not what happened.
How dare you try to erase what happened in my life because YOU can’t deal with it!!!






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    And that’s how you know to drop those kinds of people from your life

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