Okay so my brother broke his phone and then he got a new one which was the iphone 6! But i was told if i broke my phone i wold get a old flip phone until i could pay for another one. Favoritism much! Now i have had a nokia lumia 521 for 3 years now and i asked for a new phone for so long and still haven’t got one. all i get is a new battery. its not the battery mother its the whole phone. my internet doesn’t work,i cant get any apps, my instagram doesn’t work, it always shuts off when i try to charge it, but yet she still doesn’t get me a new one. she claims we don’t have enough money, nut we have money for her to get her hair and nails done every week. I hate my family so much they never acknowledge me and they don’t even notice that i am not eating. They don’t love me but they sure do love my brother.