I WANT TO HAVE A DESCENT SLEEP JUST FOR ONCE. My school is just shit. i hate it. alt of people keep on saying that im lucky and all that cuz i go to this school. yeah its good education but it DOES NOT AT ALLL care for our fuckin mental, physical and emotional health!! Esp. my math teacherr uggh she’s a gigantic piece of shit! LIKE MY FUCKING SISTER! SHE IS A FUCKING BULLY. she always have the “power” over me and she always fucking abuses it 🙁 she is not the sister who says hi whenever she sees me. She’s the one who throws her middle finger at me whenever she sees me and when she is with her friends (friends who are nice and descent) . When in school at dismissal time, when sh sill has friends with her, she stays and forces me to stay too. but if she has no more people to talk to, she will force me to go home even if i’m busy with a fucking project. UGHHHHHHH That just reminded me of the convention i’m supposed to fucking plan :(((((( i dont wunna do ittt. Its just sooooo hard for me to plan about the topic given by the teacher :(( and i also lost my notebook for quizzes in another subject :(( I will fail. i will fail this year. i dont want to but its because of all the work the teachers give us. each teacher thinks that theyre the only subject in the fucking universe. i want to do alot of things but I CANT DO ANY OF THAT cuz of all the fucking work i need to do. I HATE IT . if i had the time and chance, i will study a dance, and also a piano piece and also learn how to cook, learn the butterfly stroke, study another language, take acting lessons and singing lessons, make DIYs and al that fun shit. NO MATH WAS INCLUDED !! I HAT IT UGHHHH